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About viviON BLUE

Thank you for using viviON BLUE! viviON BLUE is an officially licensed e-commerce site selling hobby paraphernalia to fans of Japanese anime, manga, and games. From Akihabara, the 2D capital, to the rest of the world, our aim is to provide a shopping experience that is safe, convenient, and transcends language barriers. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. [Operation Policy] - All goods are officially licensed. Everything for sale on the site is sold with the express permission of the maker or brand. - Exclusive goods are offered at a fair price. viviON BLUE offers exclusive and original goods. These goods are sold at a reasonable price. - Service for otaku, by otaku. All operational staff at viviON BLUE are otaku themselves. As such, we only offer the best otaku merch out there! Our goal is to proactively pursue functions and requests that will delight our users. [About our parent company] viviON BLUE's parent company, viviON, inc., is a subsidiary of smartphone, electronics, gaming, and second-hand goods company Geo Holdings Corporation. Based in Akihabara, viviON's goal is to make otaku all over the world happy through various otaku-oriented enterprises.

Flow of products from order to delivery

  1. After placing an order, you will receive an email confirming your order details.
  2. Once the products are ready, we will start preparing for shipment.
  3. As soon as the products are shipped, we will send you an e-mail notifying you about the product shipment.
  4. The delivery company will deliver the items.

To customers who do not receive our emails

We will send an e-mail to your registered e-mail address to confirm the contents of your order and to inform you of shipment details. If you do not receive an e-mail after completing your order, it may be because you have specified a domain name or you have entered an incorrect e-mail address. If you are using a specified domain, please register "". *If you are ordering a downloadable product, please send an email to "@skypilotapp.comPlease also register "".

About Payment

Credit Card

Accepted Credit Cards

VISA/JCB/MASTER/American Express *Some debit cards and prepaid cards that can be used as credit cards are also accepted. Please contact your credit card company if you are unable to use your credit card. *If you do not have a credit card, please consider using a bundle card or V Prepaid Card. Bundle Card: V Prepaid card:

Time of payment】】

Payment is made immediately upon completion of the order. The customer's payment date is the date of debit based on the terms and conditions of each credit card company.

Amazon pay

Amazon Pay is a payment method that allows you to shop at online stores other than with the same convenience and security as Amazon Pay accepts payment by credit card as well as Amazon Gift Card and Payday. You can make purchases easily and securely without having to re-enter your address and credit card information.

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Time of payment

Payment is made immediately upon completion of the order. Credit card: The customer's payment date is the date of debit based on the terms and conditions of each credit card company. Gift cards: The amount of your order will be deducted from your credit limit at the time you place your order.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping Method

Home delivery service (Yamato Transport)

Shipping charges

Japan (excluding Okinawa): 590 yen (including tax) Okinawa: 880 yen (including tax)

Delivery time

Normal merchandise: Shipped within 3 business days after order confirmation

Reservations: Ships within 3 business days upon receipt of goods

Downloadable products: As a rule, a download link will be sent by e-mail immediately after payment is confirmed, and the product can be downloaded from that link.

Returns, exchanges, and cancellations

Please note that we do not accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations at the customer's convenience. Cooling-off is not applicable.

Conditions for Returns and Exchanges

We will exchange the product if you receive a defective product or an item that is different from your order. We will pay the shipping costs for the return. If we do not have the item in stock that can be exchanged, we will refund your money.

Cases in which we cannot accept returns or exchanges

  • If you contact us more than 8 days after receiving the product
  • If you return the product before receiving our return/exchange notice.
  • Products that have been used
  • Products that have been damaged or defaced by the customer
  • Merchandise that has not been returned in the condition in which it was delivered, including packaging and accessories
  • Damage other than to the product itself, such as damage to the shipping carton or package
  • If the order is deemed to be malicious, such as unwillingness to purchase.

Cancellation Policy

Please be sure to confirm that the contents and quantity are correct before placing an order. Please note that we cannot change or cancel your order after it has been completed, even if you have contacted us.

In the event that an item is returned due to refusal of receipt, long-term absence, incomplete address, or other reasons

  • In the event that an item cannot be delivered to the customer due to a refusal to receive, long-term absence, or incomplete address, and is returned to us, we will keep the item for 3 months from the time of shipment. In this case, no cancellation or refund will be made. The customer will be responsible for all risks associated with the product during the storage period.
  • After 3 months from shipment, the customer is deemed to have relinquished ownership of the item and the Company will dispose of it. Please note that in this case, we will not be able to cancel the order or provide a refund.
  • Please contact us at [] to make arrangements for re-delivery within the above period. Please note that delivery charges for re-delivery are to be paid by the customer in advance.
  • If an item is returned to us again despite the customer's contact and redelivery, we will consider the customer to have relinquished ownership upon the return shipment's arrival, and we will dispose of the item in question.


If a customer cancels, is absent for an extended period of time, or refuses to receive an order, we may refuse to do business with the customer or accept a campaign if we deem the order to be malicious or unwilling to purchase.


About product images

Although we have taken care to ensure that the product images do not differ from the actual product as much as possible, please note that there may be slight differences depending on the lighting conditions at the time of shooting and the monitor you are using.