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DLgift card

DLgift card

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Serial codes for 500, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, 3,000, 5,000 and 10,000 DL points (1pt = 1 yen). After purchase, you will receive a serial code by email, which can be converted into DL points by entering it on the site's MY page.

*Purchased serial codes cannot be returned or cancelled.
*You cannot purchase more than one item or purchase at the same time as other products.

Please check the following before purchasing!

It may take a few hours before the serial code is sent. Please wait a little.
Please check your email settings in advance so that you can receive emails from the domains "" and "".
If you still do not receive an email after checking the above, please check your spam folder.
There are many cases of mistakenly typed email addresses. Please be careful.

This product (DL Gift Card) has the following characteristics
Please note that by making a payment, you are agreeing to all of the above.

Please note that this product (DL Gift Card) can only be used at DLsite and not at viviON Blue.
This product (DL Gift Card) is valid for six months from the date of purchase and serial codes cannot be converted into points after this period.                                              

Customers are advised to keep the serial codes received under strict control and to ensure that they are not made known to third parties.
The Company will not reissue, return or refund serial codes for any reason, including but not limited to theft of serial codes, use of serial codes by third parties, loss or expiry of serial codes. 

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Other Notes

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