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Aogiri High School Harusame Reijo 1st Anniversary Voice

Aogiri High School Harusame Reijo 1st Anniversary Voice

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This is the first anniversary voice of Harusame Reijo.

Voice Information

1st Anniversary Voice(17min. 13sec.)
It's been a year since our debut! As you get used to our activities, don't you feel a bit stuck in a rut...?
This time, we will explore the possibilities of new characters, such as maids / hags / butlers / heroes, etc.
Reijo Harusame took on the challenge of portraying a total of 11 characters of all ages and genders! Will she be able to find the perfect character?

The BGM played in the sample voices is not included in the full version. Please be assured.

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Harusame Reijo

Reijo Harusame Profile
A drunken rock queen (self-proclaimed) who loves alcohol, music and cute girls.
While writing illustrations and making videos as her hobbies, she is also being ruined by alcohol today.
She is a serious VTuber geek and is busy with her guessing life.
He enjoys his activities at Aogiri High School, with the main goal of attending rock festivals and drinking with everyone.

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Thanks to your support, the circle of their activities is expanding rapidly, and we sincerely appreciate it.

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