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POP MART DIMOO Time Roaming Series, Box of 12

POP MART DIMOO Time Roaming Series, Box of 12

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This is a collection figure box of "DIMOO Time Roaming Series" from "POP MART".

Product Information

Product Specifications
PVC Figure

Size Information
(H)Approx. 73-94mm

Number of items
12 pieces (out of a total of 14 types, 12 pieces are included at random)

Number of types
12 normal types + 2 secret types

Number D01
Selfie with Newton's Apple
Waves of Inspiration
General of Qin Dynasty VLOG
The Imperial Guard'S Bubble Gun
Anubis'Cat Teaser Stick
Video Game Boy
A Navigator in a Motorboat
Rock Choir
The Savage Guard of Fort
Contemporary Artist
Messenger Pigeon
Time Rider
Time Manipulator


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