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POP MART MOLLY Anniversary Classical Retro Series

POP MART MOLLY Anniversary Classical Retro Series

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This is a collection figure of "MOLLY Anniversary Classical Retro Series" from "POP MART".

Product Information

Product Specifications
PVC Figure

Size Information
(H)approx. 97-114mm

Number of items
1 piece (out of a total of 16 types, 1 piece is included at random)

Number of types
AllNormal 10 kinds + Wooden ver. 5 kinds + Secret 1 kind

IMOLLY 6th Anniversary Statue 2012 Dino MOLLY 3 kinds (Green/Red/Wooden Ver.)
MOLLY 8th Anniversary Statue 2014 MOLLY & Unicorn 3 kinds (Original/Golden Childhood/Wooden Ver.)
MOLLY 10th Anniversary Statue 2016 Twinkle Twinkle 3 kinds (Little Earth/Little Moon/Little Star Wooden ver.)
MOLLY 12th Anniversary Statue 2018 With you for 12 Years 3 kinds (Original/Special/Wooden Ver.)
MOLLY 14th Anniversary Statue 2020 3 kinds (Love You 2020/Miss You 2020/Adore You Wooden ver.)
MOLLY 4th Anniversary Statue 2014 - Burglar MOLLY 2010 1 Secret


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